Since the dawn of time, the door has always been a powerful symbol, showing us the way, pointing us in the right direction.

Crossing the threshold often means venturing into the unknown, making discoveries, yearning to know ‘”that could be behind it”?

In some cultures, door frames are made low to guide the visitor into a bow of respect before their host.

The door is also the first piece of furniture, the first sign of design that a visitor sees or touches.

A door can reflect the personality, the sensibilities, the desires of its owner. The door can be our mirror.

And in this spirit, SAFEDOORS was born.

SAFEDOORS will satisfy your desires for beauty, design and seduction.

SAFEDOORS is the choice and freedom to design, to style, to personalize your door, your foremost threshold.

SAFEDOORS opens new horizons for all lovers of Uniformqueness and security.

SAFEDOORS is the answer to your search for peace and serenity in the hearth and home, for a refuge away from a world of troubles.

You’ll stay at home more often…

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