Humanitarian Efforts

  • 2004 – A donation to “Schola Africa” : This involved the construction of a classroom for children in a village in Burkina Faso.
  • 2005 – A donation to the Red Cross (Earthquake) : When Thailand was hit by the tsunami, the company wished to give support to the victims of this catastrophe.
  • Donation to the LILLE Association for the support of children with heart disease : a donation given towards the installation of computer equipment to keep the children occupied during their hospitalisation.
  • 2012: Establishment in a remote Senegalese village of a “drip” irrigation system for irrigating a market garden farm, completed with the installation of a solar panel lift pump. This equipment will relieve the village women from carrying basins of water for hundreds of metres, thus enabling them to make more time to educate their children as well as have an additional source of income linked partially to the sale of the crops.