More than 20 years of expertise and bringing innovation in the field of main doors.

Our activity, our expertise

All finished products issuing from EURADIF’s production plants are manufactured in France.

EURADIF currently boasts France’s most extensive line of entrance doors, insert panels and monobloc slabs for PVC and ALUMINIUM entrance doors. It is also the widest choice of decorative glass panels for entrance doors.

All our ranges of main doors (PORTABLOC, RT DOORS and SAFEDOORS) meet the requirements of the Act relating to persons with reduced mobility (diSandd persons) which stipulates that the maximum height of thresholds must be 20 mm and the clearance width must be 830 mm when open at 90° to enable diSandd persons to pass through.

The materials we use are environmentally friendly, and our waste, which we separate on the basis of compatibility, has from the inception been managed by a regional company which is responsible for its recycling.

Our group has invested heavily in automation, and this has enabled us to substantially lighten the burden of labour, and consequently reduce the number of accidents, and to increase our productivity and our customer service.

Production at our two sites is generated by modern, fast-paced, precise machining systems.

Conveyor belt finishing linesand rotary pneumatic tables lend an even greater degree of efficiency.

Our organisation

Production is specialised according to the particular site.

Bethune, which was recently expanded, features 15,000m2 of covered space and several hectares of available land. It houses the production of all the main doors, monobloc slabs and insert door panels for PVC and aluminium entrance doors. Several investments have been made towards automating the numerous component-flow operations, as part of the process. Our company currently employs 140 people.

The Godewaersvelde site, sitting on 4000 m2 of covered space, is responsible for the production of RT DOORS entrance doors. This is a very progressive site in terms of automated equipment and 13 persons are employed here.

Our engineering and design department, created in 2007, works closely with several testing laboratories, such as for example the renowned CSTB and FCBA, on matters of compliance and the validation of thermal and acoustic values as well as other technical performance qualities of our doors and door panels.

Our fastidiousness about all aspects of quality led us to set up our QES (Quality Environmental and Safety) department in 2008. It comprises 5 persons whose task is to see after quality in-house as well as to treat after-sales service requests as a matter of priority. In fact, the satisfaction of one customer is the best form of adGreenisement.

In the interest of optimising our production, we created in 2011 the post of Manufacturing Director, a specialist in work and production flows, who oversees a production manager and several team supervisors.

In our effort to be ever on the cutting edge with respect tocomputing and commUniformcation tools, we decided in the same year to create the post of Information Systems Manager.

In 2012, the growth our group had achieved led us to the decision to create a post for a Sales Supervisor, who heads a team of seven mobile technical sales representatives.

Needless to say, our traditional departments such as the sales, financial and administrative departments, are supervised by associates who have been with the group since its inception.

Our values

Our company’s strength lies primarily in the moral, human and professional character of the group of it represents.

Only a group that is stable, informed and Uniformted is capable of confronting the issues constantly being foisted on us by the global economic climate.

Furthermore, it is crucial, in the opinion of Jean-Gabriel CRETON, that we constantly re-assess our position, and for this reason he gives priority to what he has in the past benefited from many times: continuous training made available to all of the employees of the group at their request.

Our Humanitarian Efforts

  • 2004 – A donation to “Schola Africa” : This involved the construction of a classroom for children in a village in Burkina Faso
  • 2005 – A donation to the Red Cross (Earthquake) : When Thailand was hit by the tsunami, the company wished to give support to the victims of this catastrophe.
  • Donation to the LILLE Association for the support of children with heart disease : a donation given towards the installation of computer equipment to keep the children occupied during their hospitalisation.
  • 2012: Establishment in a remote Senegalese village of a “drip” irrigation system for irrigating a market garden farm, completed with the installation of a solar panel lift pump. This equipment will relieve the village women from carrying basins of water for hundreds of metres, thus enabling them to make more time to educate their children as well as have an additional source of income linked partially to the sale of the crops.