1995 – 1997

Erquinghem-Lys – 136 m² – 1 employee

EURADIF, at one time a limitedliability company, was created and developed in its first two years of existence on these 136m2 premises which it used for the storage of door panels imported from Great Britain for resale on the French market.


1997 – 1999

Bailleul : 500 m²

Following this start-up phase, we moved to this spanking new temporary location occupying 500m², which enabled us to continue expanding.


1999 – 2008

Godewaersvelde: 3700m² (with extensions)

After these two years at the BAILLEUL site, we acquired 8000m² which housed 1300m² of covered space for the purpose of keeping up with oursteadily growing operations.

When in 1999 our UK partner closed its doors, it became imperative for us to manufacture our own products.

Steady growth required us to construct, in 2003, a 2400m² extension, thereby bringing our total covered surface area to 3700m².


2008 – …

Béthune: 15,000 m² – Godewaersvelde: 3700 m²

In the pursuit of our dream, we once again found it necessary to seek out solutions in terms of real estate and buildings to accommodate the volumes being produced, and these solutions were found in the town of Bethune, where we acquired from Gaz de France a 8000m² plant occupying 4.5 Ha of land.

We continued our expansion, multiplied our investments and in 2011 extended this 8000m² area by 2500m² of covered space to allow us even greater flow in our production process.

In early 2012 we also acquired an additional hectare of land adjoining ours, enabled us to accomplish our current projects without worry.

The first quarter of 2013 will see the opening up of an additional 3000 m2 of covered surface area which will house new equipment for continuing our programme of diversification.