First, EURABLOC is an aesthetic solution that enables to decrease the « scale effect » of a paneled entrance door with a classical assembly, concealing the door frame.

The principle is simple : the aluminium panel is assembled with one/two aluminium sheet which are longer to cover the opening frame.

This solution enables a much better thermal insulation.

Simple face – Outside face covered, inside face with frame

Double face – Complete covering of both faces of the door panel


This EURABLOC “concealed door frame” solution is not new. In fact, it exists for twenty years in Europe, particularly in Germany. We decided to adopt this solution that provides an equal aesthetic result as the MONOBLOC leaf, but which enables each to keep his job, his value-added.

  • EURADIF continues to produce door panels.
  • OUR JOINERY CUSTOMERS continue to produce frames and opening frames to assemble it into complete doors.

To each his own job !

By choosing the EURABLOC solution, you as manufacturer of aluminum joinery you will :

  • Keep your core business which means the assembly of frames and opening frames: your added-value !
  • Control your after sales services as for the determination of responsibility !
  • Keep a specialist provider with your usual partner in decorative door panels.
  • Have an effective and sustainable economic solution on your market.

The EURABLOC solution (Concealed door frame) meets several concerns :

  • Enhance the visual aesthetics of the door itself.
  • Solid body aspect.
  • Improving the thermal coefficient of the door by extending the thickness of insulation.

All EURADIF lacquered aluminium range matches with EURABLOC solution.

The installation of EURABLOC is simple and can be done by all.

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