Concealed door frame

THERMOSTYL door slab for PVC

Discover the door slab with a high thermal insulation for your PVC frame: THERMOSTYL. This innovating product offers all the comfort of a single-block door, available in a wide range of original designs.

THERMOSTYL is synonym of quality, versatility, comfort and diversity. It is delivered painted, machined, and ready for the hardware to be installed. We can also deliver the stainless steel handles or pull handles or our  MORE THAN DOORS range.


The quality of a long-lasting design:

Our THERMOSTYL slabs guarantee an optimal sustainability and a minimal maintenance. Choosing THERMOSTYL is to opt for a lasting peace.

A versatility for all kind of PVC frames:

Our THERMOSTYL solution has been designed in order to meet all the assembly technical issues. Our slab is adaptable to almost all the PVC door frames of the market.

A cost saving guarantee:

THERMOSTYL is also the insurance of a perfect quality manufacturing, smart and with a lower prince.

The reliability of a French manufacturing:

Our THERMOSTYL slabs are produced on our Godewaersvelde’s plant and avail the efficiency and the know-how of a French manufacturing.

The comfort of a high thermal performance:

Strengthened by its 0,93 W/m².K Ud coefficient (for models without glazings), our THERMOSTYL slab meet the needs of the RT 2012 requirements.

A wide choice of designs:

Diversity is our choice! According to the OSMOZEN, SILLAGE REVOLUTION, SILLAGE and CLASSIC, we propose 52 original designs : with or whitout grooves, glazings or stainless steel pieces or frames… We can meet all tastes and budgets. We create new models each year, following the market trends.






THERMOSTYL technical features:

  • 60 or 70 mm thick slab
  • HCF free injected polyurethane foam with a high thermal insulation
  • 2 x 2,5 mm thick composite facings
  • Smooth or veneered finishing
  • WFC (composite) structure + LVL
  • Lateral seal on the slab
  • 40/40 european cylinder for 60 mm thick slab
  • 50/40 european cylinder for 70 mm thick slab
  • Aluminium rain deflector on SILLAGE, SILLAGE REVOLUTION and OSMOZEN models
  • Composite rain deflector on CLASSICAL models
  • Grooves and stainless steel pieces on the outer side only
  • Dimensions of SILLAGE and SILLAGE REVOLUTION slabs : Mini : 2000 x 650 mm – Maxi : 2150 x 950 mm
  • Dimensions of OSMOZEN slabs : Mini : 2000 x 690 mm – Maxi : 2150 x 950 mm
  • Dimensions of CLASSICAL, COBALT 4 and CHROME 1 slabs : Mini : 2000 x 790 mm – Maxi : 2150 x 950 mm

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